Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's some photo's from the workshop I taught for the Louisiana Art & Artists Guild in Baton Rouge last week. I always like to start with a few simple 'warm-up' paintings to get everyone comfortable using large brushes and big sweeping strokes. I brought some photos of some beaches and everyone painted two different scenes in addition to the main workshop painting.

After everyone warms up by painting a beach sccene, we move onto the main painting for the workshop. This drawing has the fort, sailboat, and dinghy masked out so that the background can be painted.

Once the basic washes of color and value of the background are painted, the masking fliud is removed to reveal clean paper underneath, and fresh masking is applied to the top deck area of the dinghy to preserve just that white area.

This is my reference photo for the workshop. In the painting, I changed the color of the boat, added movement and color to the sky and water, added rust to the boat, and skipped painting some of the distractions in the background. I painted the rust stains in layers, from light to dark and using a drybrush technique. I started with yellow ochre, then layered a bit of burnt sienna, and finally a bit of sepia for the darkest areas of rust.

My finished painting from the workshop.

These are some of the artists and their finished paintings from my workshop. This group of artists were more advanced and everyone's paintings came out beautiful!

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