Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Exhibit of both Students and Professionals at Kennett High School

Students, teachers, and artists enjoying a day of art at Kennett High School
Yesterday was the Kennett High School Art Fair! I had a great time demonstrating watercolor painting, and in addition to meeting tons of art students, I also met several local artists. The school has a very impressive art department staffed with a dedicated team of extremely talented teachers. Chairman of the school's Fine Art Department Kathleen Nelms invited several professional artists in the area to display their work and demonstrate their artistic techniques.

 Charles Metzger demonstating throwing pots on a wheel. Charles has a shop in downtown Kennett Square, where he teaches pottery classes in addition to offering his beautiful handmade items for sale.
 Neilson Carlin, of Studio Rilievo School of Classical Painting, painting a figure study in oils. Neilson teaches in the manner of the Old Masters by mentoring students through a complete course of focused study in art.
Photograph 2012 (c) Nanci Hersh
I demonstrated all day, and painted three paintings. Here, I'm worrking on a harbor scene in watercolor. I came across this scene on a recent visit to the British Virgin Islands, and loved the way the reflections of the boats sparkled on the turquoise water.
Artist Nanci Hersh leading the students in a collaborative art project. I first met Nanci at a local gallery stroll a couple of weeks ago, and recently started following her wonderful blog posts.
Artists at work, painting away in the gym. Photogragh 2012 (c) Nanci Hersh

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chester County Studio Tour

This weekend is the Chester County Studio Tour, with several artists opening their studios to the public all day today and tomorow. I am not one of them. Maybe next year. In the meantime, though, I went to the open studio nearest my own, which is Crow Hollow -- the studio of artist Sarah Yeoman. I met Sarah through Facebook, and may have met her at one of the watercolor society events, but I hadn't been to her studio before. I didn't even know it was just aorund the corner from me - only three and a half miles away!

Sarah Yeoman welcomes visitors to her studio
Tents added a festive air
Artist Kathy Ruck demonstrated watercolor painting during the event
Usually filled with students, Crow Hollow Studio is open to collectors today.
Sarah's studio is located on the grounds of a large estate, where her husband, Paul, is the horticulturist. Surrounded by sweeping vistas of pastural landscapes, the studio is a mecca for aspiring art students who come to learn to paint with watercolors and other mediums. Today, it was host to four other artists who set up fesival tents and displayed their art to the steady stream of visitors and art collectors that drove through the gates.  In addition to Sarah's gorgeous work, Kathy Ruck, Madeleine Kelly, and Carol T. Woolworth also displayed paintings and prints for sale, while Stan Smokler presented scultures.
Chester County Open Studios provides collectors with easy access to the area's top artists.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Paint with me in Florida!

Come paint with me in Florida! We've scheduled a 4-day watercolor workshop in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida, January 15-18. In this workshop, participants will learn to paint a variety of seascapes. Students will learn how to depict different types of weather conditions in their paintings, how to paint movement in water, how to paint reflections in water, how to arrange interesting and eye-catching compositions, how to mix gorgeous colors, and lots more! Students in this workshop will complete several paintings, and learn to use tons of new watercolor techniques in the process!

This is a great workshop for all levels of artists, and the location in Panama Beach City  makes it a wonderful get-away for your entire family! While you're painting away in our workshop, your spouse can be entertained with fishing excursians, golfing, tennis, and more.

Send an email to the Workshop Coordinator to register, or to recieve more information about the workshop, the location,  or amenities.

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