Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Job, New responsibilities, and New Contest!

The month has barely just begun, and it's already busy! This week I was elected president of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, and just in case I wasn't busy enough, I also started a new job.

I wasn't looking for any extra work (believe me - I already have more than enough!) but my local government arts agency needed someone to help out with the public arts grants program for rest of the season. They assured me it will only be part-time and temporary, so for the next six months or so I will be working to help local government agencies, schools, and non-profits secure grants. I'm fairly familiar with the program, having written and recieved these grants myself, and I've served on juries that evaluate and score the applications. I really didn't want to take on another committment, but I relish the opportunity to help mold public arts policies and help my community foster the arts.

I also entered a contest at Jerry's Artarama for art instruction videos. The winner gets a contract for a video production, and there are other prizes for runner-ups. Please vote for my entry by watching the sample video --

Every view is a vote - please vote for me!

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