Friday, October 2, 2015

New Tutorial! How to Paint the Scooter!

I always try to remember to shoot plenty of photos when I start a new painting, but I usually forget. When I do remember, I use those photos to write a step by step painting lesson and post them on the internet, either on my own blog or for one of my sponsors or affiliates. I love to share my techniques and help other aspiring artists hone their skills. Check out my latest tutorial on Artists Network and follow along as I paint this landscape with a scooter from start to finish. My tutorials are always filled with detail descriptions of all my techniques and each step is illustrated with photos. 
Annie Strack painting tutorial
This short tutorial is packed with tips and secrets for mixing dark colors, reserving whites and highlights, planning compositions, lifting paint, choosing colors, and more! Be sure to check it out, and leave a comment and share it with your friends!

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