Sunday, March 27, 2016

latest paintings from my classes and workshops

I had a fantastic group of students in my workshop for the Delaware Valley Art League last week! I led them through three paintings in one day, and they learned to paint various types of seascapes and landscapes. We cover a lot of lessons in my workshop, including properties and uses of supplies and materials, drawing, perspective, composition, color theory, temperatures, values, color mixing, brushwork, and more. We finished up with a floral painting to show how these lessons apply to different subjects. 

Fontainebleau Pier, 12x16 watercolor, $125.

Sunflower demo for DVAL, 12x9 watercolor, $95.
 I'm thrilled to be teaching a workshop at Cheap Joe's facility in Boone, North Carolina in 2018! Joe sent me some samples to play with in advance of my workshop, and I'm loving the colors! I added the colors to my palette at my workshop for the Delaware Valley Art League, and I'll very happy with the quality and depth of the pigments. I've used the wonderful Kilimanjaro paper before, and had actually just recently run out of it -- so this gift was quite timely! Many years ago I got a set of the American Journey Quinacridone watercolors for a workshop review, and I still use them as my "go to" set of Quinacridone colors. These new additions that Joe sent to me will round out my palette quite nicely! I used them in the painting of the sunflower, and you can see how bright and saturated they are -- excellent quality paints!
Sparkling white Kilimanjaro paper and a triad of American Journey watercolors from my new bff Joe Miller of Cheap Joe's Art Supplies. 

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