Thursday, April 23, 2009

Workshop Progress

The first day of the workshop the students practiced by painting some simple beach scenes with out a lot of details. This helped to get them familiar with using the watercolor paints and allowed them to try out some new techniques for painting sky and water. On the second day, we started on this painting. This first photo shows the drawing with masking fluid (to preserve the white of the paper) on the boat, tree, and lighthouse, and I have just finished painting the sky....

About mid-day in today's lesson, the students painted thier base values (light and mid-tones) in the water, beach, and distant trees. The painting is now begining to take shape, as some movement is painted for the water and texture is painted for the sandy beach.

Paint is slowly applied in layers, building up color and value with each application. Here I have added some darker values in the painting, cooled the color temp of the backgound, and warmed the color temp of the foreground.
Tomorow we will paint in some details and finish it.

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