Saturday, December 5, 2015

My recent painting demo for the Delaware Watercolor Society!

I just realized I forgot to show you what I painted during my watercolor demonstration for the Delaware Watercolor Society last month! The event was jam packed with artists who traveled from several states to watch and learn from me. An extra benefit for the DWS was gaining lots of new members -- numerous people who came to see my demo also joined the society while they were there. It's a good thing I brought extra hand-outs, as I attracted more than double the number of people that usually attend the DWS demos! 

Red Dinghy, 14x20 watercolor by Annie Strack
 I had time to do two paintings during my demo for the DWS, and did this simple boat portrait in addition to the beach scene. Demos up here in the north run twice as long as southern demos, and this one was scheduled for two and a half hours. I also had a third painting ready to start, just in case I finished too early and needed to fill more time!
Rainy Day Beach, 18x24 watercolor by Annie Strack
 My reference photo for this painting was a tropical beach on a sunny day, but I painted it as a cold and wet day to match the weather that I saw outside through the windows on that day. I'm asked to demonstrate painting at so many arts supplies stores, watercolor societies, art centers, and other artist organizations that my inventory of paintings from these events is getting a bit overwhelming! As a result, I'm offering special prices on my demonstration paintings. These paintings are available for $195 each. Email me to purchase!
Annie Strack, demonstrating painting for the Delaware Watercolor Society
I don't have any photos of my paintings in progress as I was too busy teaching my demos, but I did get this photo from the Delaware Watercolor Society newsletter. Not a great photo, but it's the only one I have. 
Everyone who attended my demo at the Delaware Watercolor Society received free samples of the new Moulin du Roy watercolor paper from Canson. My favorite feature of this paper is it's bright white color -- much whiter than most of the other papers available. It's also sized with starch instead of the more traditional gelatin, making it 100% vegan as well as being archival (100% cotton, too!). It's a good thing my generous sponsors at Canson sent me an extra large shipment of these hand-outs  for me to give away -- I attracted a record-breaking number of attendees and I had just enough to samples to go around! I also gave away over a dozen free door prizes of DVDs, paints, papers, brushes, and other art supplies, making the event even more fun for everyone!

Numerous members have asked for me to come back to teach a full workshop for the Delaware Watercolor Society, and hopefully we'll have those dates finalized soon!

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