Saturday, January 25, 2014

Award from Daniel Smith Art Materials!

I'm thrilled to announce that Daniel Smith Artist Materials chose this painting in their recent contest! In addition to sending me a great prize, they also wrote a lovely feature article about me on their blog.
In other news, my next online course starts January 28 at Artists Network University. There's only a few spaces left  so if you want to take my class Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner Part Two you need to sign up now before it's full!

If you're in the area, be sure to stop in my Open Studio. Every first Friday from 10am to 6pm my studio is open to the public. Come and watch me paint, or bring your own supplies and paint along with me, or just hang out. It's a totally free event, and no reservations are required. It's at Annie Strack Studios, 105 Kabob Lane, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. It's where all the cool artists are.

I add new classes, workshops, shows, and events all the time. Be sure to check my Calendar Page to see what's coming up!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Drama at the Studio!

No art post today, I have other exciting news to post (Okay, we don't get much excitement out here in the country).
Drama has been unfolding at my studio the last couple of day! This fox has been hanging around the flock of geese that come to the pond each day.
 At first, the fox just sat and watched them for hours at a time. Sometimes he walked through the flock, and the geese seemed pretty unfazed.
 Today, the fox got a little more aggressive.
He circled the pond and chased the birds most of the day.

Lots of stalking going on! The fox tried to play it cool and hope the geese wouldn't notice him, but the geese were on to him.

Some of the geese split off to graze, and the fox sprung into action after them.

The fox spent hours going back and forth, stalking and chasing.

The geese won today's round.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Watercolor Painting Classes Start Soon!

Wow! As I was critiqueing painting homework by my students, I just realized that last month was my second anniversary teaching at Artist's Network University! In the last two years I've taught about 15 or 16 classes at ANU, and watched my students progress into skilled and experienced artists. I'm so proud of all my students! My next class starts January 20, so be sure to sign up!
Annie Strack (2nd from left) with artist friends at the Battle of New Orleans, 2002

In other news, This week marks the 199th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans in Chalmette, Louisiana. The site of the famous January 8th battle is now a National Park, and the anniversary is celebrated with re-enactments and tours. Years ago, I used to organize an outdoor art show as part of the event, and this old newspaper clipping shows me and some of the other artists posing for the camera on a very cold, wet, and windy day. If you're in New Orleans this weekend, I highly recommend spending the day at the Park and enjoying the living history re-enactments.

Brian Strack in Key West with his 1st car, back in the mid-70's.

I like to refer to January 8th as "Kings' Day." As most of you know, it's Elvis' birthday. But it's also another king's birthday, as well. Well, he's the king around this house, anyway! And this year he got an extra special present -- my Park Ranger has just been promoted from Regional Chief of Maintenance, to Associate Regional Director! The new year is off to a good start!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a Busy New Year!

The new year is off to a bang! I've signed up to participate as a Host Studio in the Chester County Studio Tour in May of 2014, and I'm still recruiting guest artists who would like to be featured in my studio during the event. Send me an email if you're interested!

I've been painting some new watercolors and oils on these new Multi-Media Canvas Boards from Fredrix, and I totally love working on this surface! Want to know more about this cool product? click on the short video below!

Be sure to read my latest article in the new issue of Professional Artist Magazine, all about how to get the most out of your workshops. 
I'm still lining up my workshops and classes for 2014, and I'll have them posted on my Calendar Page in a week or two. Contact me if you'd like for me to come and teach a workshop at your art organization! 
With the holidays, and my schedule of teaching workshops, classes, online courses, writing magazine articles,  etc., it's been a busy month. Hopefully I can get caught up and spend a little more time with you, soon!

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