Monday, January 20, 2014

Drama at the Studio!

No art post today, I have other exciting news to post (Okay, we don't get much excitement out here in the country).
Drama has been unfolding at my studio the last couple of day! This fox has been hanging around the flock of geese that come to the pond each day.
 At first, the fox just sat and watched them for hours at a time. Sometimes he walked through the flock, and the geese seemed pretty unfazed.
 Today, the fox got a little more aggressive.
He circled the pond and chased the birds most of the day.

Lots of stalking going on! The fox tried to play it cool and hope the geese wouldn't notice him, but the geese were on to him.

Some of the geese split off to graze, and the fox sprung into action after them.

The fox spent hours going back and forth, stalking and chasing.

The geese won today's round.

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