Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Little Problem with the Pumps

I just realized I hadn't posted for over a month. Things have been a little hectic -- I haven't been feeling well, which made it hard to keep up with classes and exhibits. I thought maybe I had a mild case of pneumonia, or maybe a touch of the flu, and I figured it would run it's course and I'd be back to my old self in a few more weeks.

Then when the snow melted, the sump pumps in my studio failed and I had a huge mess (but no damage!) to clean up. My darling hubby fixed all the pump stuff and it's all working just fine now, but my studio is still all tore apart from the mopping up and it will be a week or two before I can put it all back together and resume classes again.
(my hero, fixing the sump pumps in my studio)

The clean up was a little too strenuous for me, and what started out as shortness of breath had progressed to  feeling like suffocation. I went to the doctor  the next day, and it turned out to be Pericardial Effusion. So, I had a little bit of heart surgery on Friday and spent the weekend in the hospital getting that pump fixed. All is now well, and I'm back at home and almost at 100% again.

I can't thank you all enough, for all the messages, emails, and comments on social media, wishing me well.
In the movie "Peter Pan," there's a scene where Tinkerbell is fading away. Peter Pan looks into our eyes, and he tells us that we can save Tink -- we just have to believe and clap our hands loudly.

I feel just like Tinkerbell. Every comment you wrote, every message, every email, and all the phone calls -- every word made me stronger. Everyone reaching out to me and clapping louding has healed me faster and better than anything they did in ICU. I can't thank you all enough! <3>

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